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peter.unmack at ASU.Edu
Sun, 19 Jan 1997 13:46:15 -0700 (MST)

G'day folks

I like the idea of folks introducing themselves on the list (or
reintroducing) as it helps to break down the impersonal barriers the
internet posses. So get you hands out of your pants and onto the
keyboard and type one out.

Rather than start with the past let's start with the present! I am
presently living in Phoenix Arizona, a warm, sometimes incredibly warm,
sunny, sprawling urban mass with my girlfriend Julie Zeppieri who as you
know is also a fishhead on the list. I am enrolled in Arizona State
University as a Masters student in the Zoology Department and my major
professor is Dr W.L. Minckley, the "old man" of desert fishes (and the
one that sicklid is named after [since that is what people usually ask me]).

I was born in Melbourne, Australia 1971. I was first attracted to fish
keeping in 1979 (I still don't know how or why!). At my peak, I was
maintaining 2 fishrooms with up to 40 aquaria of Australian natives, most
of which I had collected or bred myself. My grandfather hooked me on
angling after a visit to Sydney Harbour in 1982. Around 1985 I became
keenly interested in the conservation and biology of Australian native
freshwater fish. Over the last 10 years (before leaving Australia) I
have collected fish extensively throughout central and south-eastern
Australia. I have been a committee member of the Australian New Guinea
Fishes Association, Native Fish Australia (NFA) and the South Australian
Endangered Fishes Working Group. I am presently an advisor to the
Tropical Fishkeepers Exchange, a captive maintenance study group which is
based in Martinez, California. I am also working closely with the
Aquatic Conservation Network's various email and internet activites. I
presently manage their email discussion group on aquatic
conservation issues (acn-l at acn.ca). I am also assisting in the
development and upkeep of NFA's, NANFA's (North American Native Fishes
Association), and the Desert Fishes Council web pages.

My primary academic interests are in the distribution, ecology and
conservation status of fish associated with desert springs from
throughout the world. Distribution, ecology and conservation status of
fish in the Murray-Darling, Bulloo-Bancannia, and Lake Eyre Drainage
Basins, Australia. Biogeography of Australian fish and various other
aspects of the fauna.

In 1994, I moved to Adelaide to work for the South Australian Research
and Development Institute to work on desert springs with Bryan Pierce.
In September 1994, I changed hemispheres to attend the University of
California, Davis for one year to complete my undergraduate degree as an
exchange student. While in North America, I have traveled across the
country and collected fish in parts of the south-western deserts. My
short term plan is to finish my Masters and get onto something more
useful like a PhD. :-) One of these days I'll return to Oz to continue
working on Australian fishies.

Keep your anal fins clean

Peter J Unmack peter.unmack at asu.edu
DESERT FISHES RULE: To boldly thrive where no other fish can make it!

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