Re: [RML] What is SPAM!!!

Cary Hostrawser (caryho at
Sun, 19 Jan 1997 02:59:20 GMT

On Sun, 19 Jan 1997 02:27:46 +0100, "Jean-Pierre Nellissen"
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>Could you help me and explain to my belgian humble-person what is the
>signification of "SPAM". More than three messages on five are treating of

Spam - a processed meat product (containing ham and other
unmentionable pieces of hogs) first made by the Hormel company of
Austin, Minnesota to feed USA soldiers during World War II. Gained a
reputation of being a rather undesirable and often despised.

Spam - posting messages unrelated to the topic or interest of a
newsgroup or mail list. In terms of newsgroups often cross posted to
numerous newsgroups. And again spam has gained a reputation of being
rather undesirable and often despised thing. Hear it is used denote
the topic is unrelated to Sahul fish keeping. That way the folks that
want to set a filter don't have to bother reading or downloading it.
But be warned, many an excellent topic has started out under the
heading spam.

Cary Hostrawser
>From freezing MinneSNOWta
Where the original and still despised spam originated