Re: [RML] Praecox

Andrew Boyd (andrew at
Thu, 16 Jan 1997 16:49:07 +1100

At 07:27 PM 1/15/97 +1100, Dr Bruce wrote:
>I agree with Cary - far better to not breed if they aren't the best and
>cull every batch carefully. I think as feeders rather than pass them on.

I agree in agreement ;) Seriously, if more people did this, you know the
story, there'd be fewer crappy fish around...

I can say this in the knowledge that Peter Unmack is away for a couple more
days yet... he'll tell us that it could be due to more factors than just
genetic, and that a crappy specimen can sire (or dam) a good one, if the bad
one is bad because it was raised in a toilet bowl.

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