Re: [RML] Praecox

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 19:27:42 +1100

I agree with Cary - far better to not breed if they aren't the best and
cull every batch carefully. I think as feeders rather than pass them on.

Bruce Hansen

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From: Cary Hostrawser <caryho at>
To: rainbowfish at
Subject: Re: [RML] Praecox
Date: Wednesday, 15 January 1997 10:57
<<. If its not a quality fish don't spawn
it. Even if you have supposed good stock you still have to cull the
poor specimens. It's lack of this culling that creates the poor
specimens in the pet trade of any fish. Or with some fish the ones for
sale are the culls :~)>>