Re: [RML] Forktail Rainbowfish

drews at
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 19:20:31 -0500

Dan wrote...They had a beautiful fish that I had never seen before, Popondetta
Furcata Forktail, at least thats what they said it was. Anyway, it had
blue eyes and yellow highlighted forked fins. Are these available on a
regular basis ??...

It's obvious Dan, that the aquarium staff aren't online with our mailing list or
I'm sure they' have heard from Harro or Unmack by now regarding the scientific
name of the Forktail Rainbow;-) which by the way, is Pseudomugil furcatus. And
yes this fish is readily available in NA. Sometimes you'll see it in retail
stores but, members of ANGFA NA and the RSG have this fish for sale or trade. I
just happen to be one of those folks. Call or email me a little closer to
springtime and we'll see what we can arrange.:-)