Re: [RML] Easy first hatch

Andrew Boyd (andrew at
Tue, 07 Jan 1997 17:04:22 +1100

At 08:39 PM 1/6/97 -0800, Dan wrote:
>I'm looking to hatch some rainbows', but have been unsuccessful in
>locating an egg supply. I sent my dues to the RSG well over 2 months
>ago but have not received anything yet !! I was hoping to get a hold of
>the classified section of the times for available eggs. Any ideas ??

Any of the M. splendida "tribe" seem to be easier. When you are an RSG
member, to judge by earlier postings to the list, breeding Threadfins
(Iriatherina werneri) and Pseudomugil (Poppondetta) (or are they
Poppondychthys now) conniae will become easier - maybe that's why I can't
breed them ;) Seriously, M. eachamensis seems to be quite prolific as
well... Can you source either of these from local pet stores?

>I currently have two heavily planted 10 gallon tanks, one with 2 very
>small Praecox, and the other with a medium sized Boesmani and Incisus.
>I am building a 45 plant tank and will be ready in aprox 1 month. I
>have the Dupla heat coils, four 3 foot T8 bulbs, cO2 injection with
>Dupla diffuser and all Dupla fertilizers. Now I just need some quality
>'bows to complete the set up. Please let me know if any eggs or small
>fish are available.

This could be a golden opportunity for someone to help out... guys?

Regards, Andrew Boyd
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