[RML] Easy first hatch

Dan Simon (dan.simon at attws.com)
Mon, 6 Jan 1997 20:39:54 -0800

I'm looking to hatch some rainbows', but have been unsuccessful in
locating an egg supply. I sent my dues to the RSG well over 2 months
ago but have not received anything yet !! I was hoping to get a hold of
the classified section of the times for available eggs. Any ideas ??

I currently have two heavily planted 10 gallon tanks, one with 2 very
small Praecox, and the other with a medium sized Boesmani and Incisus.
I am building a 45 plant tank and will be ready in aprox 1 month. I
have the Dupla heat coils, four 3 foot T8 bulbs, cO2 injection with
Dupla diffuser and all Dupla fertilizers. Now I just need some quality
'bows to complete the set up. Please let me know if any eggs or small
fish are available.


Dan Simon
Seattle, Wa