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Actually foxes were introduced on their own merits, i.e.. For "English
Gentlemen" to hunt, just as the rabbits were.
Probably the best example of a biological control agent gone wrong is
the Cane Toad.

In Australia we have only a couple of successes with self sustaining
biological control. Prickly Pear cactus controlled by Cactoblastis moths
is the best. More controversial is myxo for rabbits.

On the carp front, there is some progress in physical barriers and
extraction of carp from major rivers. Personally I don't hold a lot of
hope for the daughterless gene approach although it may provide a
temporary reduction in numbers.

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There are several examples of how exactly this type of "solution" made
things worse, especially in Australia. Weren't foxes introduced in Oz to
eradicate the rabbits?? But as far as I know, they did not eat the
rabbits but rather all the smaller and slower marsupials..

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