Re: [RML] archive

Andrew Boyd (andrew_db at
Thu, 06 Jan 2005 08:39:20 +1100

Hi Peter,

thanks :)

Now if Sajjad could only write a script to recreate email headers we'd
have everything :)

Best regards, Andrew

Peter Unmack wrote:

>G'day folks
>I now have the RML archive reactivated for the new posts since we joined
>yahoo. Thanks to scripts Sajjad Lateef wrote (my sed, perl and unix guru)
>I managed to purge all of the crap attached to each message and with a
>little manual editing I got rid of the rest. It sure would be nice if
>folks didn't unnecessarily include previous posts in their responses and
>didn't have all this html formatted crap as well.....
>Anyway, for those who've forgotten the archives are at
> and are searchable via google
>(but I don't know how long it takes for the new posts to get
>incorporated). I have edited all the subject lines to contain RML (the
>same as the old list was) rather than r_m_l to make it easier to search
>for stuff. All email addresses are edited and mailtos are removed to
>avoid address harvesting. Where possible, I will include attachments in
>the original post, eg, Greame's excellent summary of pumps.

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