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Hello Sverker

I tend to agree with Julie, in my opinion Trifasciatas are a superb
community fish for the larger tank and look best in groups of at least 5
fish with at least 2 males so they will display almost continuously if they
are mature enough. They should live for upwards of 6-8 years , but need good
water quality and movement, as well as some vegetable material in their
diet. Naturally we at ANGFA prefer to encourage the keeping and breeding of
"pure" strains of all rainbowfishes but unless you have mature specimens and
well-conditioned fish that are feeling secure they may not show much colour
and identifying them may be next to impossible.

Bruce Hansen
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> While I have kept and spawned a number of M. trifasciata populations, I am
> by no means an expert on their identification. And, even though we do have
> few folks on this list who are very familiar with identifying many of the
> populations, it is incredibliy hard to do this from a written description.
> I am not sure which photos you were using to try and identify the fish,
> Coen River tris are mostly greenish-yellow fish with orange flecks on the
> body and some orange in the fins; Goyder River tris are mostly red-striped
> with accents of blue, black and silver... very different looking! And the
> black band is a commom trait in all trifasciatas; it's where they get
> name from (= "three stripes/bands").
> What it comes down to is are you going to keep the fish to add beauty to
> your tank or do you also want to breed them? If you just want beautiful
> then it really doesn't matter much which population they are or if they
> pure, only if *you* like the way they look and are satisfied that they are
> healthy enough to be worth purchasing (and then quarantine them anyway!).
> :-) In the end, you are the only one whose opinion really matters.