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James Capelle (jcapelle at
Sun, 22 Feb 1998 11:00:02 -0500

I wonder what implications your making when you say," one of us big barramundi"?
I did look up the dictionary meaning for the word and I didn't place anyone I know
or know of in that class. From The American Heritage Dictionary of 1975 the
meaning of the word barramundi is; "Any of the several Australian food fish, such
as the river fish Scleropages leichhardtdii or the lungfish Neocereratodus
forsteri". Now I ve always (and I ve never(I don't think)have met you face to
face) placed you high on the food chain on all the lists that I know you from. I
think another fish may have been a better one to ID with, maybe a King Barracuda (
female one of course). JiM C.

Rhonda Wilson wrote:

> Jim,
> > Well C. Shamsid-Deen(I don't know if you are a MR or MS. What does C. stand
> > for?)
> Carvi is one of us big barramundi. Watch out guys we are taking over. :)
> Rhonda
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