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Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Sat, 7 Feb 1998 08:25:39 +1000

Adrian has offerd us an example of his own wisdom -

When he relinquishes the editorship of the ANGFA Bulletin at the end of the
year he will have left a legacy of the highest quality, lowest support (as
far as the general membership is concerned) and most appreciation (as far
as the current committee is concerned).

I'm not suggesting that he has tried to turn it into something that it
really isn't but he is doing a superb job and the general membership just
sucks it all in and sits back on it's collective butt and fails to
communicate or contribute.

Apathy should be called "the AIDS of hobby organisations" !


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> From: Adrian R. Tappin <atappin at>
> To: rainbowfish at
> Subject: RE: Re: [RML] angfa and aquaconservation--was all kinds
ofothercrap before
> Date: Saturday, 7 February 1998 7:04
> At 18:32 6/02/98 +0100, Harro wrote:
> >Hi Bruce (and others),
> >
> >you hopefully know that all of the articles published in our journal may
> >be reprinted to non-commercial purposes just for sending as to copies of
> >the magazine they are published in. In the moment we are in the lucky
> >situation (thanks Norbert's outstanding work) to have enough articles.
> >But times may change and some time ago we also had to reprint articles
> >from RSG and ANGFA.
> Getting articles for hobby publications has also been difficult and
> will be. The trend in nearly all hobby organisations these days is for
> members to sit back and be entertained and do nothing. I guess this is
> sign of the times. In the old days (God help me) most members used to get
> actively involved in everything but I'm afraid those days are gone. So
> of the work and anguish is share by the very thankless few who volunteer
> committee positions. Eventually, even they get jack of it all especially
> when most of the criticism comes from those that just want to sit back.
> extreme cases this has even caused the demise of the organisation.
> Personally, I wouldn't like to see the same thing happen to ANGFA. In my
> short time (30 years) in this hobby I have seen the demise of 2 Aquarium
> Societies just in my home town and the virtual collapse of a once great
> aquarium society, all due to lack of participation on the part the
> However regarding publications, when a standard is set too high and tries
> be something that it really isn't then it becomes even more difficult and
> alienates the average member from contributing.
> Adrian.
> ps. For those interested the Bulletin Editors position will be up for
> at the end of this term (even earlier, if someone wants it) so all you
> budding editors or writers this is the chance you've all been waiting
> There's one major benefit, in that you can always get your own articles
> published ;-)
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