Re: [RML] Re: Hybrid ethics- (KEEP)

peter.unmack at ASU.Edu
Tue, 03 Feb 1998 15:57:20 -0700 (MST)

On Wed, 4 Feb 1998, Bruce Hansen wrote:

> I agree with you 100 % Peter

There's something you won't see on the list too often coming from
anyone. :-)

> the reason I raised the question again was because
> some time has passed and others have joined the list who may have something
> to add.

Didn't sound like that to me....

> I am involved in discussions with DPI Fisheries at the moment trying
> to legitimise the keeping and breeding of of the species from PNG that we
> now have in the hobby. Also soon the subject of legal importation of PNG
> species is due for consideration at a Federal level.
> Some members of the list will be pleased to hear that my latest advice from
> the department looks like being favourable ;-)

Gee, and just after your previous post spoke of govt officials in such a
shining light...... :-)

> The vexed issue of proper safeguards for outside ponds is one that we could
> fruitfully pursue on this list now!

Unless you have big dollars, engineers, and two backup systems it is
fairly difficult to keep fish outside in ponds in areas that recieve very
high and/or intense rainfall. That is of course unless you don't care if
your fish escape. :-) But you know me, forever pessimistic when it
comes to these topics. :-)

> PS The fact that they are "banned Species" has hardly stopped the arrival
> of numerous species to these shore to date and won't in the future ;-)

No, but I think if there are stiff penalties for having them in your
possession it is more likely to prevent you having them in the first
place. Making them illegal also drives the price up, people are less
likely to release a few hundred dollars to never see it again.


Peter Unmack