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I actually like it that they scrape my Anubias, as this is the only way I
have any luck keeping the algae from smothering their leaves. Anubias have
very long-lived leaves, but they are also very tough like a terrestrial
plant. The bushies can't really damage the leaves, but they can scrape off
the algae that tends to grow on the leaves over time. In the absence of
the bushies, I have also used scrubby pads and toothbrushes to scrape it
off myself. I like the plecs much better, as it is less work for me! <g>

I did, however, remove the adults bushies from the tank where they had
developed a taste for my Crypts. ;) I have since also found that
increasing the amount of green food I feed to them on a weekly basis (ie:
adding another feeding of spirulina disk food, etc) helps to get them to
leave the plants alone... except for scraping algae that is.

BTW, I just put 4 young bushies into my 55. They cleaned it overnight! :)

Julie <><


On Tue, 27 Jan 1998, Stephen Boulet-CSB046 wrote:

> >Hi all
> >
> >I have had bristlenose plcs in planted and unplanted tanks. I agree w/
> >Bruce that they are great in the unplanted tanks, and I would NEVER be
> >w/out them in plant tanks which contain Anubias spp. I have never had any
> >luck keeping Anubias leaves form getting algae-ed over w/out their
> >scraping work. Otos and SAEs just can't keep those long-lived kinds of
> >leaves clean enough. :)
> >
> >The only problem I have ever had w/ Bristlenose in planted tanks was that
> >they *sometimes* (not always) develop a taste for Crypts. Lucky for me
> >the
> >Crypts seem to bounce back fine once they are no longer grazed down. ;)
> >Feed them some greens (EG: veggie disk-type food) once everyweek or two
> >and that should help a lot.
> >
> >Hope this helps.
> >Julie <><
> Thanks Julie,
> Did you remove the bristlenoses once you saw that they were grazing on your
> Anubias?
> -- Stephen Boulet
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