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Mon, 2 Feb 1998 8:37:32 +1000

Size is a relative thing, Julie, the males are the smallest ones but some are
smaller than others ;)

Regards, Andrew

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Date: 1/31/98 6:10 PM


You have a point there, Gupp. I don't ever recall any of the "big
barramundi" having it out. Sometimes, I guess, the males of the species
are "small" in other ways, too. ;) ;)

Evil grin on her face,
(one of the ) Big Barra <><

aka: Julie <>< the troublemaker ;)

PS: To the new females on the list: the biggest barramundi are the females
-- they get a promotion once they reach a certain size, from male to
female. <g> The males are the smallest ones.