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Mon, 2 Feb 1998 07:17:39 +1000

Harro. Cary, Rob

Harro's mention of the Red and Yellow strains/forms/varieties of Boesmani
reminds me. Last weekend I visited Eng's fantastic plant pond and he has a
school of Boesies in there flashing around amongst his incredible plants.
The fish all came from John Doley in Darwin and they all were yellow on
arrival but some are a rich deep red and some a bright yellow now.

Promoting the hobby and especially Rainbowfish is the "raison d'etre" for
the IRG and the RSG and a huge part of ANGFA's mission so it is very
important that we fly the flag, show our fish to as many as possible and
insist that the "wild" type is the best model.

However even within those wild populations there are outstanding examples
of "better" individuals or local populations with more colour, bigger fins,
yellow pectorals or whatever characteristic we humans feel is more
desirable. We as hobbyists have tended to concentrate on "fixing" these
models in our sights as the "flagships" for the hobby image for the
species. To some extent we are indulging in the crime of "commercialising"
or perhaps "distorting" the species too.

Perhaps just by breeding them in our differing captive conditions we are
damaging them beyond repair ;-(

This is heavy stuff - I think I might join Rob and play with Livebearers
instead ;-)

Who knows - perhaps I can develop an "alphabet" swordtail that can be
customised to each customer so the can buy fish with their initials
monogrammed on the side ;-)


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> Subject: Re: Hybrid ethics-was Re: [RML] Melanotaenia marcii
> Date: Monday, 2 February 1998 0:39
> The more rainbow fans, the more success we will have keeping all the
> species/varieties going. The more fans there are, the more breeders we
> will have providing these fish for everyone with an interest. I know I
> do tend to concentrate on recruiting more breeders, but this is to
> achieve the end result of more rainbows for all that wish them. But if
> there were only 100 rainbow keepers in the US, I would encourage them
> all to breed what they have, even with no salable market. At present,
> I really don't believe a market is lacking. This market gets larger
> each time one Rainbow keeper shows his or her fish to another
> aquarist. So show your fish off to all you can, and breed your fish if
> and whenever you can. It all does good in the long run. If you find
> yourself with the ability to provide even so much as a single mop of
> eggs to another aquarist, please do so.