RE: Re: [RML] bogus diet

Harro Hieronimus (Harro.Hieronimus at
Sun, 23 Feb 97 17:37 +0100

Cary wrote:

>Actually Chris some of Watleys discus have found themselves back into
>the wild range. Jack Watley himself brought the fish down to a South
>American fish farmer. This farmer raises the fish in ponds, but during
>the wet season these ponds regularly overflow into the local
>waterways. The fish farmer had already established the cardinal tetra
>into the local waters by his practices. Now he's introducing hybrid
>discus into waters with a wild population of discus. Just because you
>don't expect a cross to get loose into the wild today, doesn't mean
>they won't be getting loose 20 years from today.

Cary, it's much worse. I remember an article about two years ago
celebrating Jack Wattley as the man who had brought the discus
into Surinam waters. I think Wattley wrote: "Wouldn't it be a pleasure
to find this wonderful fish throughout Surinam in 20 years and
knowing that all of these fish come from my, the Wattley discus?"
In Germany this man would have to pay a lot of money for releasing
non-native fish into the wild, and this man is as stupid as bullshit and
nobody can stop him.