Re: [RML] Regarding the Rainbowfish Mailing List

Rob Wager (raintree at
Tue, 11 Feb 1997 10:15:08 +1000

>Hi! Gordon Hides here.....Yes, the old used car dealer (one truth among the
>numerous rumours circulating) is on line.
> I have just waded through the Rainbowfish Mailing List on the Internet. I
>have never in my life read so much B.S. as the stuff poured out.....

Hi Gordon. Well you have really endeared yourself to the mailing group,
haven't you?

Gordon mentioned some of his "expertise" regarding red-finned blue-eyes.

> Yes Peter. I did get some. I bred them. I
>exported them. They are as easy to breed as other rainbows, discus,
>lungfish etc provided you don't listen to advice from scientists, hobbyists
>etc and just give them their natural food and conditions.

This has been a current topic. We would all like to know your secrets? Where
did you get your initial fish? I know you did not get wild caught fish, at
least not directly from the wild. What is their natural food? I don't know
yet, because I have not done gut analysis on fish from the wild, and I have
not done an inventory of natural food items that occur in the wild. As I
know you haven't been there I know you haven't got a bloody clue. Do you
really know what "natural conditions" are. Seeing as I haven't published my
findings yet, I wonder how you know?

Actually Gordon I believe you think an outside semi-natural environment
might work. Emergent vegetation, plenty of live plankton and algae, plenty
of room, clean water of no special pH or hardness. Covered with a plastic
igloo to help maintain high temperatures and exclude predators such as
dragonfly larvae. I have suggested this only six months after they were
discovered, but no one had the space or money to do it. I'm sure the RML
members would love to hear about your success. After all the list is about
dissemination of information for the improvement of our hobby, not about
keeping trade secrets..

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