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Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 07:46:31 +1100

Never mind Rhonda it's the thought that counts ;-) Besides many of us
non-females would be reticent about making our shortcomings evident in a
similar situation :-)

Bruce Hansen

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From: rhondawi at
To: rainbowfish at
Subject: Re: [RML] #rainbowfish
Date: Thursday, 13 February 1997 6:43


>>The only women present . . .

. . . Will Rhonda show us a new side to her
many-facetted talents? maybe she is not just a welcome participant in
discussion ?<<

While I do try to assist the fishkeeping hobby, in general, where ever
I can, I'm afraid I will not be able to volunteer myself in this
capacity. I believe there is an aritficial enhancement requirement for
positions of this nature that I would not be able to meet.<g>