Re: [RML] D.G inbreeding

Rob Wager (raintree at
Sat, 8 Feb 1997 10:10:17 +1000 (EST)

Adrain T wrote:

>My breeding population is maintained in a 90x45 cm aquarium (I don't think
>depth makes any different) and I have also provided more mops as per your
>suggestion. While some of the males actively display to each other I don't
>think they overdo it. The setup could easily provide individual sites for at
>least 6-8 males without viewing other males. (they don't seem to need too
>large an area - not in captivity anyway). Sub-males and females swim in the
>open part at around 4-6 inches above the substrate. Water quality is tops -
>perhaps I should neglect them ;-)
>Rod is breeding his in a bare bones 50 litre aquarium with 2 mops (1
>floating, 1 sunk)and getting the same or better result than me????
>I've really run out of ideas ;-)

Frustrating little buggars aren't they. Maybe we should just use them as
anchovy substitutes on pizzas ;-)

I wonder if the eggs (or adults) need exposure to sunlight. Maybe for
vitamin sysnthesis?? I don't know anything about these physiological
aspects. Anybody have any ideas.

I suppose we persist with our breeding populations (until we eventually
develop a strain suitable for captivity) :-(

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