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Alan Ford (aford at
Mon, 03 Feb 1997 16:15:54 +1100

Hi Brian!

Yes, certainly the "Indian" Tonic water as manufactured bt Schweppes <TM>
and sold here in Australia does contain quinine. I beleive they once had or
maybe still do have a brand that does not contain quinine.

I agree that tonic water is an acquired taste - but "evil"?

Just ask Roy Hunter (Rooster) about evil. He reckons my home brew tastes
evil, even though he has never had the privilege of enjoying it...

I am currently making a recipe especially for him in 1998/99? (whenever he
fouls our shores again). Now this *will* be evil ;)


><< rainbowfish at >>
>>Unless someone has found a really obscure
>>source, quinine isn't available as a fish medication. I've been told
>>now that it's become difficult to even obtain w/o a doctors script
>>for human consumption too. Good luck.
>This is probably not really relevant to this discussion, but doesn't tonic
>water contain quinine. My understanding is that in some British colonies with
>a malaria problem, tonic water was used as a malaria preventative. Since
>tonic water tastes evil by itself, gin was added, thereby creating a very
>nice medication that had to be suffered through every day.
>Brian Lang
Alan Ford aford at Canberra, Australia

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