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thanks for your reply. I'll probably join the ANGFA, as you say the cost is not great.

I came across the 'Native Fish Australia' website and spent a few minutes browsing there, which inspired me to ask the question. An equivalent New Zealand list is, if anyone is interested.

I've got plans for a coldwater aquarium once the children get a bit bigger ( the youngest is four months ) and more able to look after themselves. We've got an old pigsty on the section that is kept frost free as I've got a workshop there and various potted plants overwintering in it, which should do nicely for the aquarium. There are a few local fish species, such as Gobio gobio and Barbatula barbatula, which I'd like to have a go at. Though in general there doesn't seem to be many species locally here in Sweden, presumably because of the effects of the ice ages and the fact that smaller watercourses may freeze solid during the winter.

Having grown up on a farm in New Zealand which backed onto a reasonable sized river as well as the having the usual creeks, I grew up poking around in watercourses, so my interest probably is in things that live in freshwater in general rather than any fish in particular. I got onto rainbowfish because once I got settled down enough from travelling around to be able to have aquariums - and children for that matter - they were the only fish from Australasia readily available here in Sweden. Apart from their more obvious qualities of course. ( This last paragraph will do as something of an introduction, I've lurked in the group for quite a while now without saying much ).

cheers, John in a white and deep frozen Sweden.

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> John,
> We have had quite a number of Galaxiid articles in 'Fishes of Sahul' and
> 'ANGFA News' in recent volumes. These are available to members.
> Membership is cheap (Aust$40).
> Visit
> I hope to have an online directory of 'ANGFA News' articles, available
> soon.
> An online directory of 'Fishes of Sahul' will follow if people find it
> useful.
> Personally I have kept 4 species, the best of which (for an aquarium)
> was 'Galaxiella pusilla', however where I live gets too warm for
> reliable completion of most Galaxiid life-cycles in above ground
> captivity and my only project at the moment is to get 'Galaxias olidus'
> living and breeding in a dam and creek on my property.
> Surely Scandinavia has some interesting little Galaxiid equivalent to
> hold your attention?
> Later
> Matthew
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> Subject: [RML] Galaxiids
> Out of curiosity and given that questions regarding Australasian fish
> other than Rainbows pop up here from time to time, does anybody keep
> galaxiids? Not that I expect them to be available in Sweden, but we had
> them in some of the creeks on the farm where I grew up in New Zealand so
> I'm interested in hearing about them.
> cheers, John.
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