Re: [RML] Finding boesemani

Julie Zeppieri (bowluvr at
Fri, 25 Feb 2005 10:59:03 -0800

Hah. ;-)

Even when you take precautions and breed your fish pass your fish around to
a bunch of people, don't expect they will have any when you need some back
either. And sometimes you will. I have had this happen too many times to
ever believe it helps to to do things this way. :-(

Not just rainbows either, but Desert Gobies (TWO locations of these!) and
Mogurnda pulchra. Gone, gone, gone. Never to be had again. Several rainbows,
too. If you get em, try to keep em. This can be difficult, sadly.

If you can find a GOOD place to stash an extra group outside your fish room,
*keep tabs on them* so you know how they are doing and that they are still
there if you lose yours. Best yet, get a dedicated local rainbow buddy. Then
you can swap stock. I wish I had this here, since much of the stuff I gave
away/sent off/sold was to other parts of the country and I couldn't keep
track of it. Having someone locally would have helped me a LOT over the past
6 years.

I would kill for those Desert Gobies again. :-( I bred a bunch and
gave/sold them to LOTS of people, too. Figured that would be a good way to
get them established and be able to get more if I ever needed any. Now they
are both gone from the US hobby for all I know. Same with the Mogurnda. 100
plus babies distributed all over the place. None to be had now. Depressing.

Julie <><

FWIW, I have occaisional mops fo Mel. trifasciata "Upper Coen River" eggs up
on AquaBid currently, as my group is in "cooperation" mode right now. I have
had this line for at least 8 years (and 2 states). The other bows I have are
not currently in cooperation mode, so no eggs available. If anyone else has
rainbows or eggs to sell or trade maybe you could let the list know? Also,
maybe put what country you are in so the appropriate people can connect with
you. Y'all know I'm a Yank, so that goes w/out saying, but I don't really
know where everyone else is from still. Working on it. :-)

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>Subject: Re: [RML] Finding boesemani
>Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 08:41:46 -0800 (PST)
>check out aquabid and look for rarefin at LAX. The fish that are being sold
>are from Kent Webster and he has a really good strain of boesemani going at
>the time. Some of the stuff that comes out of the fishfarms in Florida is
>really a joke and hardly even looks like the original fish. This has been
>my battle here in the States for the last 10+ years, trying to get the
>wholesalers not to keep and reproduce junk. They just can't help
>themselves. If you do get a nice strain of "whatever" rainbowfish, don't
>assume that you are going to be able to pick them up easily some time in
>the future. We've had so many stories of people that move, get a divorce
>or just get lazy in keeping their fish. They lose their fish and then they
>come crying because they didn't take any precautions. When you get them,
>breed them and make sure you have them in more than one tank. Hopefully
>that way you'll have them around for a long time.
>gary lange
>ACBoals <acboals at> wrote:
>Hey bowluvr thanks for the r_m_l information.
>Anyone out there have M. boesmani stock worth a dang? Everything
>available that I can find are farm raised fish.