Re: [RML] links, kind of off topic

Andrew Boyd (andrew_db at
Tue, 22 Feb 2005 08:19:51 +1100

Hi Rhonda,

I got a bit too paranoid :) I cut my homepages back to nearly nothing a
while back. I don't have any fish pages currently.

Best regards, Andrew

rhonda at wrote:

>I've been cleaning up my old links page on my web site and noticed that
>several of the pages are now gone. What happened to Home of the
>Rainbowfish? And Andrew your Paranoid Fish Keeping is gone too. Do you
>have any new fish pages? Also I thought if anyone else had fish web
>pages, it might be kind of fun to check each others pages out, which is
>why I brought it up on the list.. And if anyone would like me to link to
>their pages, well I'm updating now so it would be a good time. :)
>Thanks, Rhonda

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