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christian_vanbelle (christian.vb at lesjeunesjardiniers.be)
Mon, 14 Feb 2005 20:48:25 -0000

Hi Gary,

You always have a big sense of humour. KISS is a good word for
Valentine's day. "Kan" Instantely Search Such good word :)

I agree with the fact that my friend is searching for a better way,
and that better can be worther than good. I think that "Le Guide
Marabout de l'Aquarium" from Hervé Favré from France is always
the "Holy Bible" in Europe about maintenance and having fishes. Easy
ways to find easy solutions to a problem. Not too much "science
solutions". I'm about to fight with the guys who are talking about
some big names of the aquarium industry. I know some guy in my fish
association who has given a lot of money only to have a big tank and
to hold Discus. And he is falling down for the moment because he has
big problems with his osmosis water.

I know that city water is full of nitrates (in Belgium anyway) and I
set in my tanks a 2 or 3 leaves cutting of Monstera deliciosa (house
philodendron), an old way to put out nitrates in Europe. Also many
Riccia and Ceratophyllum who are doing the same job.

I think we are on the same way about technicals and that my friend
will be out from the dark side...since a couple of days because
her "sicklids" are spawning. :)

May the force be with you :))



--- In r_m_l at yahoogroups.com, Gary Lange <rainbowfish4u2 at y...> wrote:
> KISS, it's not just something we do on Valentine's day! "Keep It
Simple Stupid" is something you'll see over and over if you attend a
local aquarium society. You'll hear all sorts of silly things
(unfortunately) on different internet sites from some Joe who has ONE
tank to mess with. That pH drop is exactly what can kill rainbowfish
and can certainly start a wonderful case of TB outbreak in a tank.
It might be the "toilet bowl" syndrome. If you don't do your water
changes in a timely manner (because you've made the mixing of waters
too complex) you make a wonderful toilet bowl. Once the acids
accumulate in a soft, low carbonate tank you lose your buffering
capacity and down you go. Also running a tank without a proper
lid... I think you should instead introduce your friend to some
convict cichlids. Never, I mean never do gudgeons or gobies without
a REAALLLY tight fitting lid. I don't do rainbowfish w/o a tight
fitting lid either.
> Fighting nitrates. Ok if they're in the water you're adding, how
do you remove them? I think that they do stress rainbows. Perhaps
not enough to kill them right away though. I would always have a
planted tank but it's the terristerial plants that really remove
nitrates. If you use a sump, put a light on it and dip the "toes" of
some plant like "golden Photis" or a Philadendren like plant into the
tank. This is tougher to do on a tank that just has a tight fitting
lid but it can be done. Rosario LaCorte has been doing this for
years and has always talked about the benefits. It is something you
can measure. If you have a sump also people have told me that
floating watersprite will also work for nitrate removal. Something
like the Jungle watersprite, Ceratopteris pteroides will probably
also work. Need to get a nitrate kit though and make your
measurements. I don't put much stock in the Nitrate (anerobic)
removal devices as they can plug up easily or kill everything, ie they
> aren't KISS.
> Hope you can convince your friend to come back from "the dark
side". Otherwise just stick with sicklids :-)
> cheers,
> gary lange