Re: [RML] Cat skinning

Gupp (gupp at
Fri, 25 Feb 2000 14:52:26 -0700

So, since you don't have raccoons you skin cats instead? :) Hmm, instead
of a coon skin hat you wear cat skin hats? I wouldn't think that cat
hair would hold up as well as other fur bearing animals used in that
fashion. Cat's have such soft hair I would think it would fall out or
rub off rather soon and you'd end up with just a skin hat, without fur.

(being silly while she's shopping the auctions for depression glass)


Bruce Hansen wrote: > > We don't have racoons here Rhonda :-) > > So I guess a "catskin" hat would be the closest thing to the "Davy Crockett > model. Which reminds me of that interview with Harry Butler, a TV naturalist > of some years back who was well-known for his dislike of the damage to > native wildlife caused by feral cats. > > The vacuous but vivacious interviewer asked why he hated cats so much. He > replied, " I don't hate cats! I have 200 of the bastards buried in my back > yard!" > > Regards, > Bruce Hansen > president at > Please visit us at