[RML] Goby update

Lisa Brinkman (lisab at netrover.com)
Wed, 23 Feb 2000 21:35:20 -0500

Hey all,

Just thought I'd give you all an update on the desert goby eggs I'd
written to you about earlier. I took the male out on day 14. They
hatched on day 15. At first I thought only a few hatched since I didn't
see much movement in the tank, but I think they all survived since I
have approximately 40 fry from that first spawn in that 10 gallon tank
yet. I placed him in the tank where I had moved the two females
earlier. He spawned with the other female immediately. The gobies
basically haven't stopped spawning since I got them. They are worse
then my Africans!!! *big grin*

Anyways.. I thought I'd share this story that just goes to show how
tough these little guys are.

I thought I'd try to steal some eggs and hatch them out away from the
male since I didn't have any more spare tanks to move the adults into.
So I'd gotten a jar and an airstone and stole the eggs from the front
glass where the male had laid the eggs. (He's completely ignored the pot
I put in there for him). At any rate all the eggs fungused up on me. I
figured I had the fry from before so no real big loss. I was just
seeing if I could hatch the eggs. So I dumped the water out and being
lazy I'd just left the jar in the sink. I hadn't dumped out all the fuzz
or all the water. Just a little puddle in the edge of the bottom of the
jar. I'd left it for a while and one day realized I needed the jar for
something and went to clean it out. Sitting (swimming?) in the little
puddle were two little goby fry. I was amazed. The eggs they had come
from were completely fungused. And I'd had barely any water in with
them, no water movement and they were left at room temperature. I added
a bunch of water from the parents tank and they have done well since.
They are about half the size of the first batch of fry at the moment.

I did steal eggs from him later on but I waited 2 weeks to do that.
He'd been guarding them on the back of my sponge filter. I have fry
from that 'theft'. :)

The male is currently guarding his latest collection of eggs. I think
it's 3 spawns together. The spawn is twice as big as he is right now.
He's kept the females away from the eggs when he's guarded the ones by
the filter. And since I've basically run out of room for more goby fry
they'll just have to take their chances in the main tank. (which
probably means no chance at all). I've too many other fish spawning for
me. I can tell spring is on the way. Most of my fish have started
breeding again. I just may have to break down and get more tanks!
*grin* Don't have to worry for space on that....

Heh, this is turning into a post a lot longer then I intended so I think
I'll stop here....