Re: [RML] praecox strains..

Andrew (andrew at
Sun, 20 Feb 2000 20:35:31 +1100

<x-flowed>At 18:20 18/02/00 +0100, Hugo wrote:
>Are there any signs (besides the obvious, healthy fish) to look at when
>buying praecox, is there a (quality) difference between the strain with the
>yellow finnend-streamlined females and the male-lookalike females for
>instance? I've also been told that there is a 'larger' praecox strain. (?)

Are there any healthy praecox left in captivity? The ones I have seen
lately look pretty washed out, even for "shop fish".

Maybe it's just a case of "The older I get, the better I was" - that is,
that I imagine the earlier imports being more colorful.

Cheers, Andrew

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