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You don't need a daughter Rhonda, you need a museum curator ;-)

Seriously the pressure is not on you - it's all up to your husband. He's the
one responsible for the X and Y chromosomes, all you do is keep pumping out
those X's. Although perhaps he can argue that you produce very "picky" X's
thgat are very partial to his Y's ;-)

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> Actually I should clarify this girl situation. I most of all want a
> healthy baby. I'd like to have a girl because I have all this old girl
> stuff I'm going to want to leave to someone when I get old. I have
> multiple sets of old china, depression glass, doilies, hankies, old
> jewelry, gloves, doll stuff. The list goes on. My family knows I'm a
> pack rat and love this stuff so I end up with a lot of it from all sides
> of my family. Most of this stuff has been around 3 and 4 generations and
> I feel like I have an obligation to make sure it doesn't get trashed
> when I'm gone. Of course with all these kids maybe I'll get
> Granddaughters. I also kind of get a bit of family pressure about having
> a girl. There aren't many of them on my dads side of the family and I've
> kind of been expected to have one. :) Well they can't say I haven't
> tried. :)
> Rhonda
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