Re: [RML] Just checking in

Stephen Boulet (stepheb at
Fri, 11 Feb 2000 08:35:51 -0600

Well, if it's any consolation, my parents finally got a girl on the fourth try.

On the other hand, a friend of a colleague's had 5 girls in a row before calling
it quits. Ouch.

There's been an interesting thread on the killifish list. It seems that some
rivulus fry, when raised in the same aquarium, will produce highly skewed sex
ratios. But if you put pairs by themselves in their own containers, you can get
a ratio of about 45 to 55, a dramatic improvement.

I'm not exactly certain how this might apply to Rhonda's case, though. ;)

-- Stephen

Gupp wrote:

> Roy,
> Yep that's me, Fertile Myrtle. :) Last chance to try for a girl. This
> will absolutely be the last one, I'm getting too old for this and 4 kids
> will be enough, boy or girl. :) It's due August 14th.
> Rhonda
> --
> ROY1HUNTER at wrote:
> >
> > Rhonda are you having another baby? :-)