Re: [RML] it's amazing what you find in stores...

Andrew (andrew at
Wed, 02 Feb 2000 16:52:25 +1100

At 12:20 1/02/00 EST, tsuh yang wrote:
>at a shop recently, there was a tank full of eels.
>"freshwater" moray eels were being kept in a tank, and there was another
>strange creature, "vampire eel" (price us$32). upon close examination, it
>turned out to be a southeast asian freshwater snake, which wiggles its 2
>tentacles near its mouth to attract unsuspecting prey. what amazes me is
>they "name" animals that they don't know what it is.
>i'm surprised that moray eels can live in freshwater. perhaps only as
>juveniles? it's not the first time i've seen them for sale.


There were slides of freshwater morays from PNG at the ANGFA conference
here in Canberra last year. They were like giant "tire-track" eels in
colour with a moray head. Can't remember the species, the location, or the
photographer ;)

Someone will hopefully fill in the details :)

They looked pretty cool.

Cheers, Andrew
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