[RML] Message for Andrew Boyd

Adrian Tappin (atappin at ecn.net.au)
Wed, 02 Feb 2000 05:57:01 +1000

G'day Andrew,

I got this message from Wim Heemskerk in Holland - could you subscribe him
please. I don't know who the list owner is these days :-)

Thanks, Adrian.

>When I got home I emailed to Majordomo at tip.net.au to subscribe again and
>10 minutes I got the following answer:
>> subscribe rainbowfish w.heemskerk at worldonline.nl
>> has been forwarded to the owner of the "rainbowfish" list for approval.
>> This could be for any of several reasons:
>> You might have asked to subscribe to a "closed" list, where all new
>> additions must be approved by the list owner.
>> You might have asked to subscribe or unsubscribe an address other than
>> the one that appears in the headers of your mail message.
>> When the list owner approves your request, you will be notified.
>Well, .......... did the same last week too but somehow the list-owner got
>lost or so 'cause I didn't got the conformation yet.
>Can you please give me the email address from the list-owner then I can ask
>directly to subscribe.

Adrian R. Tappin
Brisbane, Australia.
"Home of the Rainbowfish"