Re: [RML] A death in the family

Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Fri, 26 Dec 1997 12:25:28 +1000

Larry you Philistine

Oops! Perhaps that is not the right thing to call someone of your
persausion ;-)
Perhaps it's the result of emotional stress ( the Boesmani that is) caused
by an identity crisis or perhaps worrying about how or whether to celebrate
Xmas in a Jewish household or perhaps worrying what he has done to upset
you that much that you wouldn't share your Vodka with him or take him on
vacation to Florida with you. Perhaps he was lookong forward to catching up
on odl friends in Florida - you know he was probably born there and has
lots of "school''mates there ;-)

bhansen at

> From: Larry Stein <lstein at>
> To: rainbowfish at; roy at
> Subject: [RML] A death in the family
> Date: Thursday, 25 December 1997 23:10

> Anyway, since I am Jewish and my fish has died I will be mourning its
> for about a week..... of course I will be doing this mourning in
> Florida.... at the beach... most likely drowning my sorrows in Vodka....
> although I am concerned this might be the beginning of something... well
> don't leave for 2 days and if a bunch of fish die I suppose I will have
> call that a trend... and remove Dr. B's photo... and replace it with my
> picture of the Silver Budgie....

PS Larry

I am afraid if you replace my "beneficial" influence on your tank with your
other proposal there may be mass suicides ;-)

> Merry XMAS... and to all you down under... what holiday do you celebrate
> this time of year? does it have anything to do with Kangaroos and koala
> bears? Do you throw something on the "BARBIE"

we have a holiday on the 25th of December each year so that we will have
enough left overs ( both food and fluid) to sustain us while we appreciate
the traditional Boxing Day Cricket Test match.This year it is against those
pretenders to the world title the South Africans ;-)