[RML] Happy Holidays

James E. Capelle (jcapelle at gte.net)
Wed, 24 Dec 1997 15:28:55 -0500

Just wishing all my friends a Happy Holiday and Prosperous New Year.

To all the Tampa Bay Aquarium Soc. members; May you have a great year
and get a lot of Bowl Show and Breeders Award points

To all my diving buddies; May you find the perfect diving spot close to
home (sorry that's for the Florida group). For the Northern group; may
you go on vacation during the worst part of February and find the
perfect diving spot.

To the down under crowd; May you find an unknown Rainbowfish and have it
named after you. For those that already have a couple already, oh well.

To the Joke therapy Group, may you find the best side splitter of the
year (just remember to send it to the group).
Jim C.