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>Hi all,
>I have some fry swimming about in different tanks (praecox and bleheri --
>thanks, Cary).
>How much and how often do I sprinkle APR on the surface?
Just a light dusting on the surface. When I first started using APR, I
would dip my finger in the can and collect a small amount on my
finger. Then I would rub my fingers together and watch the dust land
and the surface and spread out. You should see the fry come up and
begin eating. If you watch a while you'll see the bellies begin to
swell and turn yellow. It doesn't take very much at all so go very
lightly at first until you get a feel for it. Its easy to sprinkle in
a little more but impossible to remove. I also like to throw in a
snail or two when they begin hatching and the apr feeding begins. This
gives you natures own clean up crew. I use the those nuisance rams
horn snails that I abhor getting into my planted tanks. The larger
adult snails seem to work best because they can't get at the eggs very
easily. The small freshly hatched ones I find in the mops all the
time. I have seen them eating eggs, but have never been sure if these
were infertile or live eggs.

good luck
Cary Hostrawser

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