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Bruce Hansen (bhansen at
Fri, 20 Dec 1996 07:33:20 +1100

Hello Harro,

I have a friend in Sydney who is a "plant nut" and loves books like we do.
He seems to know all the right people down there but of course he doesn't
always have it right - I have a copy of Vol 3 in English and am looking
forward to 4 and 5 as they are translated. The whole series is excellent.
Personally I would like to see them produce a loose-leaf fomat with
supplements so it would be up-gradeable.

I understand if Heiko's Compendium ever gets off the ground that he will
publish supplements.Do you know when an English translation of Kesselman's
plant book is likely to be around? I have seen the German version and it is

I will CC this to the list for comment if anyone is interested in anything
other than the weather at the moment :-)

Bruce Hansen

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From: Harro Hieronimus <Harro.Hieronimus at>

<<You seem to know more than me. However, I know that there are plans
to publish certain atlas volumes on certain matters, like cichlids and
catfish. Surely these will include all published in vols. 1-5. It surely
is possible that also a plant atlas is in preparation.>>