XMAS Spam Re: [RML] Peacock Gudgeons

Andrew Boyd (andrew at pcug.org.au)
Fri, 13 Dec 1996 00:43:15 +1100

At 08:01 AM 12/11/96 -0700, Rooster wrote:
>Have you decorated your palm trees yet?? I guess there is no roasted
>chestnuts...Sleigh rides are out...no jack frost nipping at your nose...Id
>like to see how you all could do frosty the snowman..

And we've heard all about how you 'do' Frosty the Snowman, Roy! ;P

>maybe its eddie the
>sandman! What a strange thought, Christmas in the summer... What does
>Santa wear when he goes down there!

I once had a blonde in a bar in California ask me "So when you you guys have
Xmas down there?" Hehehe, this assumption that the Northern Hemisphere
matters... We've got the fish, Roy, you can keep the snow! ;)

Regards, Andrew Boyd

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