Re: [RML] SPAM:Andrew, Andrew

Cary Hostrawser (caryho at
Sun, 08 Dec 1996 15:13:51 GMT

I occasionally have my server screw up and not recognise the remove
message command from my email software. It usually happens with a bad
connection and the operation timing out while picking up email. This
will result in me getting all my email twice. Chris could have been a
victim to one of these errors. As I didn't see a double post by Andrew

On Sun, 8 Dec 1996 17:50:48 +1100, "Bruce Hansen"
<bhansen at> wrote:

>Perhaps Chris has "double vision" ;-)
>Bruce Hansen
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>At 02:41 PM 12/7/96 -0500, Chris wrote:
>>Hansen has a propensity to post his mailings twice. I noticed the same
>>happening to you lately!;-) I think you've had a harder week than you
>Which ones in particular? I get all mail repeated to the list and I can't
>remember seeing any repeated.
>Regards, Andrew

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