[RML] Molapani wood-EEK-SLIME!

VERMILLION, DIANNE (DVER at son.rochester.edu)
Fri, 06 Dec 96 14:53:00 est

I bought a Molapani (?) wood for the 'bow tank and soaked it 5 days in hot,
chlorinated tap water, one day in dechlorinated tap water and put it into my
new tank ( 4 julli cory cats and plants). It grew SLIME over 4 days. I
pulled it out when I saw the slime and I'm soaking it again in chlorinated
tap water.

Q what the H**L was that stuff!!???
Q: should I soak the wood in bleach? for how long? is it safe to use in a
tank or should I give up about using it? the other piece of wood didn't
grow slime.
Q; should I tear down the tank that I've been conditioning for my G.
incisus, G. wanamensis wannabees and M .boesemanni and start over again, or
will a 50 to 75% water change be ok?

Thanks in advance for your help,