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Gary Lange (rainbowfish4u2 at
Thu, 22 Dec 2005 05:46:39 -0800 (PST)

Yeah, not really suitable as a quarantine tank. If that fish is 2 inches or less than maybe but since you said he was fighting... he's probably bigger. I would go out and find yourself a 10 gallon (they're easy to find used, check garage sales) and then add a sponge filter, that's hopefully been established. If it's just a wound then it will heal, perhaps a little melafix will help. That stuff is almost magic for some things. Keep the light off the tank to avoid heating further & change 50% water every other day. In the states we have something here that we call "eggcrate" lighting plastic. They use it to diffuse lighting from fluorescent lighting fixtures. It makes a good top for a tank to keep most fish in but allows evaporation which can help to lower the overall temp of the fishtank. Lower in the fishroom will usually also help to keep it a few degrees cooler. Ditto on the stuff Scott said although for disease treatment I would stick with a bare tank. You might cover
the sides so the fish doesn't try to keep going thru the sides of the tank. Fish TB/ulcers usually take a while to develop so perhaps this problem isn't TB. I would never recommend anything as a preventative. That is your LFS being a d*ckwad. Most LFS's if there weren't pushing fish they would be selling shoes or sporting goods. Sorry to the good ones out there but most are right behind politicians, and lawyers on my list of bad actors :-)


Gary Lange

conwayl72 <conwaylewis at> wrote:
Thanks for all the replies, the advice is well appreciated being a

The Quarantine tank is a small 20 litre (5g). I am not using any
filter, just light aeration. Not sure if this is suitable for a
Quartantine tank?

I will be moving just one fish, a M.lacustris male. He has developed
a large red lump behind his eye. It seems to have come up almost
over night. I am worried my warm tanks may have brought it out. In
Brisbane, Queensland my tanks can get above 30c this time of year.
The tank in question is 29.4c right now. I read in Harro's book that
higher temperature can trigger Ulcers. But short of installing
chillers on every tank or running the air con 24/7 I can't do much
about it!

I guess it comes down to more water changes and lower stocking
density. I must admit I had not changed the water in this tank for
over 2 weeks. I try to do 50% a week but is this heat I become
rather slack!

The guy at my LFS said it would have been brought on by stress from
high temps and fighting males. This sounds right to me. The males in
the tank have been sparring alot. He also suggested using 'Bactonex'
as a preventitive. Anyone use this?

As for the treatment of the affected fish, I might try Melafix or

Thanks for the help


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