Re: [RML] Re: Attending shows (ANGFA Convention)

Dave Wilson ( at
Sat, 17 Dec 2005 09:50:25 +0930

If you lot in the Northern hemisphere would like to spend lots of money to
attend a show you should all save your money and pop down to Darwin in the
middle of 2007. The ANGFA Convention will be a good opportunity to meet
some Australian fish keepers and see where Rainbowfish live.

Within a short drive from Darwin (270km for the tris) you can find
Melanotaenia splendida inornata, M.australis, M.solata, M.mccullochi
M.trifasciata, M.nigrans, M.exquisita, Pseudomugil gertrudae, P.tenellus, P.
cyanodorsalis, P. inconspicuus, some nice glassfishes, gudgeons, gobies, and

If you come here I will draw a mud map (that means give directions) for
their locations for you to go and see the habitat for yourself.


(Dave Wilson, Darwin, NT Aust.)