[RML] Re: Goo obo gudgeon article / "sports" vs. "wild forms"

parin_iceyfist (parin_iceyfist at yahoo.co.uk)
Fri, 16 Dec 2005 09:42:10 -0000

Ouch, sounds like you don't like me all that much (yet). :D
Well, what do you need to know about this fellow?
I'm 26 (since last week).
I'm fairly new to aquariums... started in october 2004.
I was immediately hooked on rainbowfish (due to my general interest in
Australia which I hope to visit one day).
I own a 60 gallon tank (~240 liter).
I had 2 extra 54L (14G) tanks that I had intended to use for
breeding/raising and one 10L (2,5G) as a hatchery.
However, I had to move to an appartment, and now there is no more room
for the little tanks. So I sold one 54L tank, and the other is stored
on the attic, together with the little 10L. They are there to be used
again someday, when the time is right and the opportunity presents
I'm a member of a local aquariumclub.
Oh, I live in Belgium.

So as you see, I'm not, and will not be a "professional" breeder for
some time yet. I just don't have the resources or the room for a dozen
tanks. But I'm still young, so I got plenty of time ahead of me.
However, I am still fascinated by the little buggers and am looking
for a way to "do my part".

So I hear it's in Czech Republic... roughly 1200 kilometres from where
I live. Still quite a drive and my girlfriend will say I'm insane when
I suggest such a trip ("just to see some fishes"). But I'll discuss it
and think about it. As you say, we're "pretty close together" in
Europe. That is true, but the mentality of people here is a lot
different. In the US it is "normal" to do an 8 hour drive to visit
friends or family. Here, even a 2 hour drive is only warrented for a
vacation or at the least a weekendtrip. I once drove to northern
Holland (for one day) to search for seashells with my girlfriend (a
class project she had to do back then), which is about a 6 hour drive
to and a 6 hour drive back and people just declared me as being
insane. But when I went to the south of France for a week on a
vacation, it is considered completely normal. So as you can see, it's
a different approach and mentality towards distances. Probably because
gas and diesel still costs a lot more here than in the US (even though
I hear prices are finally going up there as well). Anyway, enough with
this ranting, going a bit off topic here. ;-)

Seasonal greetings,

--- In r_m_l at yahoogroups.com, Gary Lange <rainbowfish4u2 at y...> wrote:
> The comment was also meant for the fellow that hasn't identified
himself yet "pair of icy fists". If rainbowfish or fishes from NG and
Oz are your primary focus then you should take the time and expense to
attend! That's how clubs continue to thrive. That's one of the
reasons that the RSG is no longer around. A lot of people that do a
lot of handwaving but then don't attend, don't publish, don't put in
their fish and egg listings. If you have rainbows and are in Europe
you should be a member of the IRG and you should try like heck to
attend the convention. The travel times are nothing like they are in
Oz or in the US, you're all really so close together. I'll get off
the soapbox now :-)