[RML] Re: Help needed, again

parin_iceyfist (parin_iceyfist at yahoo.co.uk)
Thu, 15 Dec 2005 09:06:33 -0000

Well, Christophe, I should be getting the January issue soon, for
free. So then I can scan and send the Goo-obo gudgeon article to you.

The Panchypanchax article would be interesting to have too though. :)


--- In r_m_l at yahoogroups.com, Christophe Mailliet
<christophe.mailliet at w...> wrote:
> Hello to All,
> I was wondering whether any of the list members living in the USA
could help us, poor souls who reside in Europe and have no easy access
to Tropical Fish Hobbyist ;-) , in obtaining scans of the two
following articles:
> - Pachypanchax, in December issue
> - Goo-obo Gudgeon, in January issue
> If at all possible, it would be great if someone could either post
these in the "Files" folder of the list, or else send them to my email
address directly.
> Thanks a lot!!
> Christophe
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