Re: [RML] Re: Goo obo gudgeon article

Christophe Mailliet (christophe.mailliet at
Wed, 14 Dec 2005 11:27:06 +0100

Hi everyone,

If I'm not mistaken, Allomogurnda nesolepis was present in Europe a couple of years ago (still under its old name "Mogurnda"). It may well be that there are still some fish around, but I wouldn't know where to search for them.

It surely would be nice to get them over here..


r_m_l at schrieb am 14.12.05 11:05:52:

Nylabone hasn't replied yet, however Jennifer from TFH is going to
send me a free trial issue so I can decide for myself if I want a
subscription or not. They sure are friendly people there at TFH!

PS, I had contacted a person in the USA who has the Goo obo gudgeon
and asked him if he would be willing to send eggs to me, but he
declined unfortunately. So I guess us Europeans will have to wait
another few years before we get this little gudgeon.

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