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Wed, 7 Dec 2005 17:54:19 +0100

You should ask Nylabone Ltd. For sources, they are responsible for
distribution of TFH products in Europe.

Regards Harro

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It is a long shot, but Tropical Fish Hobbyist at least, used to be sold
in the UK. Would it be available in a shop? (American shops, to my
dismay, are dropping the magazines. As a whole, American aquarists - not
the on-line crowd - may already be the least read in any of the more
developed countries.)

I either get my magazines by subscription or go to one of the "big-box"
book stores. Places which sell many different magazines may have it.
Here I can pick up Practical Fishkeeping in the Book/Magazine places.

There was one local pet shop which carried it, but that is no longer the
case. I guess they expect American hobbyists will learn my osmosis (or
they can manipulate an uninformed customer base.) Ah - sort of sorry
about the rant.

The really fine print in a recent TFH suggests in the UK checking with
TFH Publications (Great Britain) Ltd, PO Box 74, Havant PO7 STT

Hope that helps. If it doesn't and it is not available digitally and you
don't mind largish file attachments on several e-mails, I'll scan you
the one copy allowed by copyright law "for research purposes."

Never saw it in my or the hobby's best interests to subscribe to TFH
until two years ago. Up until then, I bought the issues which I felt
deserved to be purchased, sometimes in triplicate, for myself and

All the best!

parin_iceyfist <parin_iceyfist at> wrote:

Any chance of a digitized version of that article? I'm very interested
in this fish, but I can't get TFH, which I'm guessing is a magazine? ;-)