[RML] Re: Rainbow Size Frustration -- Melanotaenia praecox

hank voss (aatetras at yahoo.com)
Tue, 06 Dec 2005 14:51:38 -0000

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> Sorry, but what? M. praecox of 4 inches in size? That's more than
> 10cm's! That is flipping huge! :O

> Right now i am looking at my 70 gal. at 30 of my breeders
(praecox)and most of the males are 3-3.5 in long.Thats counting the
tail which is part of the fish. I cant give an exact measurment
because they wont stand still in front of the ruler.
Now don"t forget these are my breeders ,well fed and many
water changes. the average fish may not get to that size in the
average tank
As far as boes. 5-6 in. no problem you can get that size
with very little effort.It may take 3-4 yrs. but it can be done.I
did not mean to say that that they are all stunted but they have not
been fed right.Most breders try to get rid of stock as soon as
poss.because feeding is a major expense.Maybe my strain of boes.
took longer to color up i don"t know but thats y i stopped raising

Regards Hank