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Date: Tue Dec 21 2004 - 04:08:39 CST

KHV is a very serious disease which caused Koi keepers and professional
carp breeders already millions of $$$. It is a Herpes virus and works
between 15 and 32 °C. If once heated above 32 °C, infected carp will
become carrier and infect other carp while not becoming ill themselves.
Until today only carp are infected, no other fish. However, as we don’t
even fight the Herpes virus in men I don’t think we can fight it in
carps and should be very careful with it.




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Is this anything like Carp Pox? Sorry, but I am not "up" on all the
carp get.

However, I DO know that carp pox can be spread to other fish in an
since I have seen large plecos succumb to it. If plecs can get it, then
would think other species can, too. Scary to relaese this into the wild
where we know even less about what our natives can and can't contract.

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