RE: [RML] Unhappy Xmas

Matthew Stanton (matthews at
Tue, 19 Dec 2000 11:09:01 +1100

is it possible that there was something nasty lurking in the tank that
has been consumed by the faster inhabitants after being stirred up by the
general cleanup you were performing. If the problem was caused by a
pollutant or a lack of oxygen I would expect all of the inhabitants to
succumb with the gudgeon being the last to fall. Did you preserve the bodies
for PM?

Years ago I had a similar situation occur (only in a much smaller tank, with
only three fish affected). I had only done a bit of a clean up in the tank
and changed the height that I had a powerhead set at. I noticed the fish
getting a bit excited when I moved the powerhead as a bit of scum had
accumulated behind it and it drifted free. Two Rainbows and a Purple SG were
dead the following morning without a mark on them. I still don't know what
got them but I can only guess that it was something they ate. No other fish
were affected.

Just another possible angle to investigate.

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