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>>Most hobbyists would like to avoid water testing or at least reduce it to a

>>minimum so if we could design a dip stick test with several bands on it

>>(like I use at the surgery for urine tests) that only needed to be used once

>>a week for each tank and the results could be compared ona graph corrected

>>for say pH and temperature for example then we could watch out for the

>>appropriate potential disasters - we might even get a manufacturer to become



>These multi-test strips are already available - just check with a chemical



There used to be available in Australia Aquavital Multisticks made by Aquarium Munster. They are no longer imported due to lack of demand, and also I think because they were too expensive at over $1 per stick (in packs of 25). They weren't overly accurate, but were a good guide to the general water parameters in the aquarium. They tested pH, nitrite, nitrate, kH and gH. They would almost certainly be available in the US, UK and Europe, probably at a more reasonable price.





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