Re: [RML] water tests

H. Hoekstra (hugo at
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 22:48:44 +0100

Hello Bruce,

On 15-Aug-99, Bruce Hansen wrote:

>Most hobbyists would like to avoid water testing or at least reduce it to a
>minimum so if we could design a dip stick test with several bands on it
>(like I use at the surgery for urine tests) that only needed to be used once
>a week for each tank and the results could be compared ona graph corrected
>for say pH and temperature for example then we could watch out for the
>appropriate potential disasters - we might even get a manufacturer to become

Are you talking about a litmus test ? I have those which test NO3, NO2, GH,
KH and pH at the same time on a stick. I found the NO2, GH, KH and pH to be
practically useless but I'm told that other brands of litmus test aren't very
accurate either.

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Hugo Hoekstra